The new load securing net with flexible net hooks for Böckmann tipping trailers

Load securing made easy with the flexible net hooks.

The new container net with 26 flexible net hooks provides a comfortable and innovative solution for load securing. With a few simple steps, the net hooks can be positioned in such a way that they individually guarantee optimum transport for every application.

The new flexible net hooks simplify the placement of the load securing net along the drop sides. They are pushed into the hinge groove of the dropside on the outside and can be flexibly moved and placed there. Then the ready-positioned net hooks are screwed to the slot nut. Another advantage is that they can be removed without leaving any residue. Since the net hooks are not screwed into the dropside, but are pushed into the rail in the dropside, they do not leave any holes in the dropside when removed.

The load securing net with the flexible net hooks is compatible with all tipper models with 300 or 350 aluminium drop sides. The net can also be used in combination with various attachments. In this case, the net is not attached to the flexible net hooks, but to the riveted round buttons on the attachment.

The container net with flexible net hooks is available as an accessory.