Maintenance, repair and servicing

With the right maintenance and servicing by a specialist dealer workshop, your Böckmann trailer will be a trusty companion for many years to come.

Maintenance, repair & servicing Böckmann workshop

A trailer should also be regularly serviced and checked.

It is worth carrying out regular maintenance to ensure the reliability and safety of your trailer.

Cleaning, maintenance and inspection of the trailer are essential for ensuring driving safety, maintaining the value of the trailer and also your warranty rights.

If maintenance, inspection or even cleaning is not carried out in time or not correctly, your trailer may be damaged. This can have far-reaching consequences and, for example, also cause accidents. In addition, your warranty rights are also rendered invalid.

As the manufacturer we therefore recommend having your trailer checked by an authorised specialist every 12 months or every 5000 km. Our Böckmann specialist dealers usually offer this service.

Particularly important aspects are the inspection of tyres, brakes and Bowden cables, the parking brake, the drawbar, tow hitch and, depending on the model, for example windows and seals.

The exact maintenance details are also given in your operating manual. You can access the digital version directly using the QR Code on your vehicle. In addition, our Service Card gives you the opportunity to keep track of the maintenance intervals.

Trailer repairs can be carried out directly by our specialist dealers and ensure that you travel safely.

Operating manual as PDF

We have different operating manuals for our trailers. We differentiate between horse and cattle trailers, utility trailers, tipper trailers and machine transporters. The utility trailer operating manual includes our van and box trailers.

Böckmann Service Card

Use our Böckmann service card to keep all information and inspections at a glance.

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