New platform trailers

Even more flexible in use thanks to the adaptation to the tipper trailer series.

Our platform trailers have been further developed with a view to the tried and tested added value of the tipper series. The advantage: Maximum flexibility, as all attachments as well as different tarpaulin systems can be used for the platform trailers and the tipper.

Our platform trailers have always been convincing and continue to convince with their robust construction, the large loading volume, the fully screen-printed floor and the Recessed rattle-free lashing shackle system. Developed for the toughest applications, regardless of whether you are an ambitious do-it-yourselfer or an experienced full professional: our platform trailers stand for durability and stability.

Thanks to the optimisations and the adaptations to the tipper series, the new platform trailers offer even more added value in use. In series, all trailers are equipped with long-stroke locking device, the professional models are optionally available with angle lever locks. In addition, all models have been equipped with sturdy corner posts with a wall thickness of 4 mm in line with the tipper trailer product range, which are also removable, enabling barrier-free loading. Another advantage of the uniform corner post is the possibility of using all attachments for both product ranges. This means that both the platform trailer and the tipper can be used with the same box attachement, grass rails or sheet steel attachment. In addition, both product ranges can also be used with the same universal flat tarpaulin, aluminium side walk extension or canvas system - maximum flexibility for the user. The new models also impress with new hinges, which prevent splashing water from below and dirt from falling in. Another innovation is the steel version. The steel sidewalls are available for the Profi models 3218 - 4121.

Existing added values, such as the 4-sided folding aluminium sidewalls and, from model series 5118, the divided sidewalls, remain unchanged. The low loading height version (F-model) is also still available for the Basic Tandem and Profi models. The Böckmann accessories range also offers many other equipment options, such as telescopic crank drop legs, storage boxes, various attachments and tarpaulin systems, ramp rails and other transport securing options using front ladder rack and side wall galleries, as well as shut-off bars with anchor rail for secure lashing of the load.