The new Böckmann Comfort

Here the name says it all, the new Comfort is impressively comfortable and durable.

With an optimised interior height of 2315 mm and interior length of 3353 mm, the new model offers significantly more headroom for the horses and more space in front of the stall bar for the rider. Additional comfort is also provided by the new tack room concept and a larger entrance door to the horse stall area.

Böckmann Comfort

While the sporty, dynamic design and the "CFFplus" comfort suspension chassis guarantee driving pleasure, the body made of reinforced full polyester and the quality aluminium floor included as standard ensure that it stays that way for a long time. The standard equipment also includes side padding and the Böckmann Multi Safe System (MSS), for emergency release of the padded stall bars. This ensures safe transport of the horses. The blue LED transport light, which can be switched from white to blue, creates a calming atmosphere during the journey.

Böckmann MSS
Aluminiumboden Böckmann
Alumnium floor + CFF chassis
Comfort Innenraum
plenty of space in front of the horse + side padding

The new tack room concept is also convincing all along the line. It offers maximum storage space for the equipment. The now even larger door allows convenient access to the tack room and simplifies its use. The tack room also has extensive equipment that provides the necessary comfort, such as practical storage options and intelligent storage compartments. The height of the tack racks can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and they can also be pulled out. A telescopic broom, shovel and door net as well as crop and pad holders are also part of the standard equipment.

Sattelkammer Comfort Pferdeanhänger
tack room
Comfort Pferdeanhänger Sattelkammer
tack room
Böckmann Comfort

Our new Comfort combines unique added values that make the difference in practice in this full polyester class.