First class machine transport

Böckmann's machine transporters make transporting vehicles and working equipment much easier.

Despite the ongoing Corona crisis, companies in the construction and transport industry are still receiving a large volume of orders. Especially in times like these it makes sense to upgrade your own fleet to be able to transport vehicles and construction machinery quickly and effectively. The machine transporters from Böckmann are a great asset in this respect. Thanks to numerous detailed solutions, they are ideally designed for the transport of vehicles and machines of a wide range of sizes.
Böckmann Maschinentransporter MH-AL-Serie

The hydraulic tipping trailers of the MH-AL series are characterised by a high degree of flexibility and excellent stability. With the help of the aluminium drop side panels, which can be folded down and removed on three sides, the trailers can be loaded from all sides. The low-floor tyres ensure an ideal ramp angle, which simplifies loading. Due to their design the trailers are not only suitable for transporting small cars or heavier construction machinery, but can also transport low-floor vehicles.

The machine transporters are available with a total weight of 3000 or 3500 kg. The load capacity varies from 1970 kg up to 2595 kg, depending on the model. The smallest model in the series has internal dimensions of 4300 x 2080 mm, the largest model 5000 x 2080 mm. All models have an internal height of 200 mm and a low loading height of 630 mm. In the standard version the models are available with side panels with a height of 200 mm and a folding front panel. They also have a loading ramp made of perforated galvanised steel and are equipped with a 13-pin connector. The end-to-end screen printed floor, the hydraulic safety lifting system and the lashing bars mounted in the side panel make loading and securing of vehicles and machines much easier. The removable steel corner rungs also enable loading of wider vehicles.

In addition to the numerous detailed solutions of the standard versions, there are numerous accessories available for these models such as the wheel shock absorbers. In addition, recessed lashing bars or lashing lugs can be selected instead of the lashing brackets mounted in the side panel. Side panels with a height of 350 mm and an corrugated aluminium sheet floor are also available.
In addition, a mechanical cable winch with deflection pulley for convenient and safe loading and unloading is available as an accessory. A tarpaulin and hoop construction is also possible.

The Böckmann machine transporters with a total weight of 3000 or 3500 kg offer you a professional solution that you can rely on every day.