Our new ambient lighting

We are now offering new ambient lighting. The attached lights ensure good illumination of the surrounding area when reversing and are available as accessories for all horse and box trailers.

Brings light into the darkness for all horse and box trailers.

The ambient lighting consists of two lamps with 1,000 lumens each. They illuminate the immediate surroundings of the trailer and thus offer better orientation. Ideally, especially for the darker times of the year, areas that are difficult to see when maneuvering at dusk or in the dark can be well illuminated and are a great help, for example in preventing collisions. The vehicle works make recommendations on the placement of the two lamps, but they can also be attached to the trailer individually according to customer requirements. The lighting is not on while driving and is only activated when reverse gear is engaged.

Pferdeanhänger von Böckmann mit Umfeldbeleuchtung
ambient light
Umfeldleuchte beim Böckmann Kofferanhänger
ambient light on the box trailer
Umfeldbeleuchtung von Böckmann
example positioning ambient light

The set with two lamps is available for all horse and box trailers at a net price of €196.63. For new vehicles, it can be selected directly via the configuration when ordering the trailer. Alternatively, the set can also be ordered as a retrofit kit. If you are interested, your Böckmann specialist dealer will be happy to inform you.


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