The VW ID.4 GTX and the Champion Uno

E-mobility combined with the right transport solution - a perfect match.

The automotive industry is in a state of upheaval. In times of climate protection and alternative energies, the automotive industry is focusing on e-mobility. In the long term, combustion engines are to disappear from the scene and be replaced with more environmentally conscious alternatives.  The future lies in e-mobility, says our cooperation partner VW. However, a serious towing capacity for e-vehicles has not really been an issue until now. Now the car manufacturer has developed a vehicle that should also generate interest in the trailer sector, especially in equestrian sports.

VW ID.4 und Champion Uno Seitenansicht

In June, VW presented the new ID.4 GTX as a fully electric SUV at a VW press driving event. The new VW ID.4 GTX allows a towing capacity with a total weight of up to 1.5 tonnes.  For this reason, VW asked us as a competent partner to provide the appropriate trailer.

VW ID.4 und Champion Uno Heckansicht

So our horse trailer Champion Uno Esprit silver+black became the perfect shooting partner for the new VW model. This is a popular entry-level model of the 1-horse trailers and the suitable solution for the fully electric VW ID.4 GTX. With its solid aluminium side walls, the Champion Uno Esprit silver+ black is not only particularly robust and offers high quality, but with a total weight of up to 1.6 tonnes, it is a suitable transport solution for the ID.4. In addition, the lowered chassis of the trailer ensures a lower loading height and offers more safety when getting in thanks to its reinforced rear flap made of non-slip rubber. Our entry-level model also offers many other practical accessories, such as the tack room with plenty of storage space that can be accessed from the outside.

See for yourself!